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UpdATE: Tutorial kindly written by a devoted fan: Press start on the main menu to begin the game. I don't know any japanese so I can't translate but if you were to go through with the intro, and click through the text, you will reach this area where I guess this green haired chick with glasses will give you two choice that are represented as two hearts with text next to them. You will be timed so pick the top choice and that will take you to a scene where the girl gives you head. there will be some dialouge so just click through it and you'll reach an point where you're given two choices. The top choice will make her lick the tip of your cock the second will make her suck it. this is basically a side game the point being that you have to come in her mouth to move on. Just keep picking the bottom choies so you can get head, unload in her mouth and go along your merry way. So then, like all RPG's you'll see a screen that show's how much EXP you gained. The other bar that pops up afterward shows basically how many lives you have before you lose. For example when you get into a fight in the game and it says 3/6 on the top for your side, that means you can take only take three hits. After it gets below 1/6 you will lose even if you still have HP. If you ever lose a battle in this game, even in training, it's gameover and you have to start all over again from start screen. There is a save option but I 'm not sure that it works right. I'll have to get back to you on that. Anyway, after the Exp gained part, you arrive at what seems to be a dojo as well as your home.

Not entirely sure what the fuck to do in this game. If anyone can write a walk through or translate some key elements from Jap to Eng we would appreciate it. Basically you just click start-> then choose "NO" to skip the intro. Click around and do shit.. seems like an RPG where you can fight sexy hentai girls and if you win you see them naked or something. Says "Dead or Alive" on the game. We fought some girls but they were level 15 when we were level 1! Anyone can help?

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